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In response to Covid-19,  Ignite Aotearoa has accelerated the launch of digital wellbeing platform ‘Ignite Wellbeing’. Our aim is to provide employers across New Zealand with fast, online access to mental health and wellbeing support for their employees. 


We’re here to help workplaces like yours to support your people through our flexible, digital solution. We offer free access to a curated suite of evidence-based resources and exclusive Covid-19 wellbeing advice from clinical experts. With a subscription, Ignite Wellbeing also provides access to browse and book virtual talk-therapy from a range of carefully selected wellbeing practitioners and coaches. 


Access our free resources here, or fill out the form to discuss subscription wellbeing support for your organisation.  


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Free access to employee wellbeing resources


The free Ignite Wellbeing online resource library includes access to hundreds of videos, articles, podcasts, websites and practical tools from experts in mental health and wellbeing. These resources focus on strengthening employee wellbeing and resilience across all areas of life, including lifestyle and relationships, mental and physical health, and maintaining personal connections to culture, community and beliefs.    


We’ve also developed an exclusive series of videos with experienced practitioners, offering practical advice and strategies to help employees cope with the emotions and circumstances that Covid-19 brings. These cover topics such as isolation, relationships, mindfulness, resilience, and more.   


Click here for free access  to support your employees through the ongoing challenges Aotearoa is facing. 


New features
Subscribe for talk-therapy and wellbeing tools 


Subscription access to our full digital wellbeing platform gives your employees the power to access their choice of mental-health and wellbeing support from anywhere in New Zealand.  


  • Provide access to online counselling and coaching from a range of qualified professionals who specialise in anxiety and depression, relationships, career development, stress management and more.   ​

  • Give employees the ability to search for and book a support provider that is the best fit for them, at a time that suits their schedule, using the tokens provided by your organisation.  

  • Empower employees with Ignite's wellbeing self-assessment tool, designed to help them assess their wellbeing needs and priorities, then choose resources, activities and support based on their unique challenges. 

  • Give access to an expanded, curated resource library that is updated regularly with the latest evidence-based resources from across the world.  

  • Coming soon: Promote positive wellbeing with our mood diary tool that helps employees explore and regulate their emotions, plus build their mental health and resilience toolbox over time. 


Our subscription features are rolling out from 18 May 2020. Contact us to find out more about a subscription to the Ignite Wellbeing platform for your organisation.  

More support for workplaces rolling-out in 2020 


Ignite Aotearoa is a social enterprise that’s changing the way New Zealanders access mental-health and wellbeing support. We were set up to partner with workplaces like yours to support employee wellbeing through innovative technology, education and research.  


We’ve been working with mental-health and wellbeing experts to develop innovative solutions for Aotearoa’s workforce for more than two years. We have several other offerings ready for release soon, including a suite of educational workshops, and wellbeing research, evaluation and programme design for workplaces.