Work with us

Our communities need more choice in wellbeing support and we believe it’s vital that our services are not only high-quality and evidence-based, but also delivered by people from diverse backgrounds who reflect our communities.

Ignite Aotearoa has regular work opportunities available in a variety of wellbeing roles, including developing and delivering educational workshops, providing wellbeing support in-person and online, and supporting wellbeing programme development through research and evaluation. 

Ignite Wellbeing gives employees choice over who they get support from and when, allowing them to search and select support based on their individual wellbeing needs and provider preferences.

Current opportunities  


We’re currently looking to add to our great pool of providers to meet our communities and our current customer needs, and to work across the domains of our whole- of-life approach to wellbeing, providing individual support.

To partner with Ignite providers must hold relevant qualifications, have five or more years of experience and belong to a professional body.

We are currently looking for providers who would like to provide support services on a contract basis through Ignite who are: 

  • Māori or Pacific Psychologists, Counsellors or Coaches (or a related discipline)

  • Psychologists, Counsellors or Coaches who are members of one of the Rainbow communities

  • Psychologists, Counsellors or Coaches who are based in Tauranga 

  • Financial Coaches


Email us with an expression of interest