Workplace mental-health and wellbeing services

Ignite Aotearoa offers the next generation of wellbeing solutions for your workplace. Together, we can enhance your current wellbeing programme and enable your people to realise their potential. 


Our comprehensive approach strengthens employee wellbeing as a whole, across mental and physical health, lifestyle, identity and meaning. Our services are evidence-based, pro-active, fast and easy to access, and provide flexible options to suit different members of your organisation.

Ignite's whole-of-life approach to wellbeing


Ignite believes in a whole-of-life approach to wellbeing, informed by several well-known models of health and hauora that acknowledge how inter-related areas of our life contribute to our overall sense of personal wellbeing.  We use three core themes to describe this approach:

My Life - Taku Oranga

My Health - Taku Hauora 

My Meaning - Taku Tikanga.

Each theme has four life domains, which cover parts of our life that need to be strong for us to thrive. By taking actions to improve and strengthen each of these domains, we can enhance our overall wellbeing, including our mental-health and resilience.

Our meaning provides solid roots from which to grow our wellbeing. Our mental and physical health, habits and home strengthen us and hold us strong. Our lifestyle at home, work and play gives us the ability to flourish, grow and reap the fruits of life.


When our whole-of-life wellbeing is strong, we can live life well ⁠— even during the ebbs, flows and challenges we all experience.


Ignite's support and resources are designed with this approach in mind and empower each person to create positive change across all parts of their life.