Kia ora. We're Ignite Aotearoa.

We're a social enterprise that’s changing the way New Zealanders access mental health and wellbeing support, starting in our workplaces.  

Through innovative technology, education and research, we’re giving every person the opportunity to realise their potential. 
We take a proactive, whole-of-life approach to wellbeing and believe that to truly thrive, we each need choice and flexibility in how we strengthen our mental and physical health, adopt a positive lifestyle, and connect to our own sense of identity and meaning.  

Mental-health &

wellbeing education

Our experienced team provides a range of evidence-based education for workplaces.

Our in-person or online workshops cover topics such as: ​

  • Strengthening personal resilience and wellbeing

  • Supporting mental health and wellbeing in the workplace 

  • Understanding and challenging bias 

Wellbeing research & evaluation

We believe in putting evidence at the heart of wellbeing. By partnering with us to measure and report on your current mental-health and wellbeing outcomes, and issues your community is facing, you’ll be in a better position to provide effective support and resources. 

Ignite Wellbeing for you and your community

Initially developed for workplace communities, our platform is able to roll out with all types of organisations, no matter their size or budget who are looking to support their people, members, customers, patients or staff.  We welcome enquiry from a range of communities across Aotearoa, including health and support providers, education, iwi, professional membership bodies, and any organisation who wants to enable wellbeing for their people.


Need one-one-one support right now? Free call or text 1737 anytime to talk to a trained counsellor.